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Administrative Committee Meeting on August 26

Radar High Court Justice Sardar Muhammad Shamim Khan convened an administrative committee meeting on August 26 to issue the issue of Arshad Malik, a former judge of the Islamabad liability court suspended due to a video leak dispute Solved. A statement issued to the media by the LHC Public Relations Officer said, "The administrative committee will consider actions against Judge Arshad Malik.

The Islamabad High Court

Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court suspended and repatriated Judge Arshad Malik, district and session judge, to the Division of Parent LHC for disciplinary proceedings. In a press conference on July 7, 2019, the District and Sessions Judge / Full-Judge Liability Court II Islamabad and a statement dated July 11, 2019, which Prima facie violates the Code of Conduct, which warrants false actions and the start of disciplinary proceedings against them.

It is a notice released on Thursday by the IHC Behavioral Registration Agency. While hearing the pleas related to the video leak on Tuesday, it is worth mentioning that the Supreme Court spoke of Judge Malik's 'shameful' behavior and asked why the Justice Department did not move him back to LHC. The Supreme Court seemed to be giving the refugee to a controversial judge.

PML-N accused Malik and former Prime Minister Na Shaz Sharif of guilty of oppressing al-Azi Chia. But the judge claimed that he was intimidated by PML-N supporters. After Vice President Maryam Nawaz PML-N released a video clip of Judge Malik at the press conference.

The IHC ordered the summons of the responsible judge and submit a statement to explain his position. Later, in his statement, Malik said he was intimidated by PML-N supporters because of his 'immoral video', and in the Saudi Jati Umra dorm and Hussain Nawaz, Sharif I admit I met Mr.

Jahangir Khan Tareen said

Former PTI Secretary-General Jahangir Khan Tareen said that the establishment of the South Punjab Secretariat was delayed and unhappy. He said he proposed Multan for the establishment of the Southern Punjab Secretariat on Friday and started the Sui gas project in Lodhran on Friday. Tareen said he was disappointed that the South Punjab Secretariat project was delayed. He considered Multan the best place for such a facility.

He acknowledged that there were various opinions (within PTI) on the location of the Secretariat. We have to work together for the business of the local people," he added. He said that the minister must convene the meeting and decide on a suitable place for the proposed secretariat.

Disqualified PML-N MPA Question Project Opened

He appreciated the work of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. He launched a 190 million Rupee Sui gas project, presenting many projects, including an upgrade to Lodhran Public Schools and a modern science and computer laboratory of public high schools. Meanwhile, PML-N MPA Siddique Khan Baloch objected to Tareen's opening of the project and questioned a law that would allow a disqualified person to initiate a government project.

He also accused Tadh of being Lodhran's "support mob. Tareen was recently protested by a group of people who demanded justice for teachers who were injured in a knife attack by the son of a PTI worker. They insisted that the police filed the case but did not arrest the suspect. Son of PTI worker Javed Thakur Abdullah hit Nadeem Arif and his student a few days ago. Arif is still in Bahawal Victoria Hospital.

Tareen talked with the protesters and convinced the police that the police would take action against the suspects. He told reporters who attended a meeting to discuss the cotton situation each month at the Central Cotton Institute, saying that US President Donald Trump mediates the Kashmir issue and that Shah Mahmood Qureshi is doing well as Foreign Minister.

He said criticism was the right of opposition

He said improving the agricultural sector is the government's top priority. The agricultural sector of this country has been destroyed for the last ten years. Cotton is the most important crop and we are working with all Pakistani Textile Mills Association, Pakistan Guinea Association and experts to improve cotton crops.

He said that the price of pesticides has risen due to a surge in the value of the dollar. He said research was always ignored in this country. Tareen said the government is making every possible effort to save the public.


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