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Engaged in Karachi Worsening Cleanliness

Engaged in Karachi's worsening cleanliness on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered early removal of waste and trash from the city on Friday. 'campaign. Karachi is the commercial center of this country, but the insolvent administration of the past has damaged the traditional beauty of the 'Quid of Quaid', making people's lives miserable.

This situation should be removed permanently

The Prime Minister said in a meeting with Prime Minister Syed Ali Zaidi Friday. According to the PMO, Mr. Khan seriously commented on the lack of garbage collection in Karachi and issued guidelines to increase the number of wastes in accordance with a comprehensive strategy for the correct disposal of waste in large cities. National and local council members of PTI elected in Karachi should be enthusiastic in their clean Karachi campaign.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs proclaimed the prime minister during the campaign. Mr. Zaidi, the war between Mayor Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar and the leader of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) found that Khan was forced to intervene in this situation.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs claimed that he could take the initiative to clean the city without government assistance and clean the city in two weeks. But PPP leaders recently blamed Prime Minister Jaidee for lifting waste from the sewers and placing them on the roadside, exacerbating the situation.

Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, president of Balchistan

Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, set up a three-phase foundation for the Green Energy Project, which runs under the Gwadar Development Project on Friday. Speaking at the inauguration, he said that initiative is an important step towards the development of this province. Prime Minister Ali Yani said that positive results can be achieved throughout Balochistan. “Every time we start a development project in Gwadar, the green energy project will meet the local energy demand.

The Chief Minister called Gwadar one of the world's leading emerging investor-friendly cities that meet all the needs of international investors. 2019 will be a year developed by Gwadar because Gwadar International Airport, Eastbay Expressway, Gwadar Master Plan and other projects in the port city, executed under the federal PSDP, will change the fate of the port city's local population.” Ali Yanni Said.

He promised full cooperation between local companies and foreign companies / investors who are willing to invest in Gwadar, who said the port city is working on new reforms to announce a new governance system in Balochistan's emerging economic hub. By adopting Sun Windows operations, we will be able to provide local and international investors with the facilities they need, and to this end, local governments are striving to empower departments and employees.

He says the state is starting to implement the Gwadar Smart City project with all the resources. He also said that water shortages in port cities are being addressed first. He said that the sub-campus of the University of Balochistan will also be established in Gwadar, providing top-notch education to Gwadar young people.

Meanwhile, President Ali Yani said

The Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) opened a huge opportunity for young people ahead of the Pak-China Youth Enclave award ceremony in Gwadar. Pakistan is fortunate to have a high percentage of youth in the population. If we can provide opportunities for technology development, we will have a talented workforce that will make our country progressive and prosperous. Minister Mir Zahoor Buledi, Minister Zarakak Achakzai, and the Chinese Consul General, also attended the event.

The minister said that Nature blessed Balochistan with a 750km long coastline and "it is up to us to make the most of this God's gift. Jam CPal said, “In the form of CPEC, opportunities opened the door for national youth and a new era of progress and prosperity began. The Prime Minister praised the over-development authorities for holding a successful event and expressed hope that the next youth competition will be held in China.


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