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PM Lim Ran Khan Met with his Economic Team

Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan met with his economic team on Saturday to make a decision to improve the performance of the relevant ministries and prepared a comprehensive economic roadmap that would address issues such as dam or road construction or attracting investment in economic zones.

The meeting lasted for three hours said

Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Minister of Planning and Development Khusro Bakhtiar, Commerce Minister Abdul Razak Dawood and other economic team members, the media wing press release of the PM Secretariat. Hafeez Shaikh, who later talked with the media, said there were three main goals: assessing economic progress, reviewing the performance of important ministries such as planning, commerce, agriculture, imports and industry, and preparing a fully focused roadmap.

He said the government wants to accelerate the progress of all major development projects focused on economic stability so that the benefits reach the public. According to the adviser, the positive impact of government policies, such as the rise in the stock market and the increase in exports, is felt The government has allocated approximately 95 billion rupees to the development program in the budget, adding that completing major projects will help the public in addition to creating jobs.

The adviser cited that the prime minister regularly monitored all major projects, saying that their interests could be communicated to the public. Likewise, the prime minister said that the government has allocated 119 billion rupees for the weaker parts of society. He said that by accelerating cash transfers such as Sehat Insaf cards and other related programs, people should realize that the government is making every possible effort for economic well-being.

Mr. Shaikh said the government has allocated 262.6 billion rupees for subsidies and the main goal is to protect vulnerable parts of society from the burden of electricity and other items and help the business community reduce costs. All steps have been taken in a mass-centered approach and have been added to increase confidence and confidence in the business community.

The adviser said

These policies were positively affected by a 9% rise in the stock market last week. He said exports increased in July after a long time. He added that the export sector is much better than last year. He said the current account deficit gap between exports and imports has narrowed significantly. The current account deficit, which amounted to about $ 21 billion in July last year, fell below $ 600 million in the same period this year.

Under the roadmap, Sheikh said the economic team decided to discuss with the prime minister weekly additional measures. He also wanted the government to expand subsidies in the power and gas sector to the business community, in addition to easing lending facilities and reducing the burden of income, and repeated that all problems would be solved by holding meetings with business community representatives.

He said the government is eager to provide benefits to the general public when oil prices fall in the international market and expressed hope that this will happen next month.

Government's decision to enforce blanket bans

Plastic bag manufacturers expressed their concern about the government's decision to enforce blanket bans on polyethylene bags instead of creating regulations on sustainable environmental protection, and held construction meetings with the Secretariat of the Department of Climate Change and the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to address this environmental issue. Mutually formalized sustainable policy for. Over 8,000 plastic bag factories provide direct and indirect employment to millions of people across the country.

The sector is also one of the top five revenue-generating sectors in Pakistan and the backbone of the small business and cottage industry. However, the overnight blanket ban on this sector has long and directly and indirectly hindered hundreds of thousands of families involved in this sector. We want the government to meet us and make decisions that will not affect millions of workers, ”said Jehanzeb Jilani, chief executive of the association, spoke at a press conference here at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce (LCCI).

AlCI Hyder LCCI Chairman, Faheemur Rehman Saigal and other vice presidents said that the association had its own research and development and standing committees on the environment, providing the government with an appropriate proposal and roadmap for the law. He said environmental risks from plastic bags are actually a failure of waste management companies. The Association has submitted all applicable solutions to the government to address these issues.

We recommended a minimum 45 micron thickness and 12” x15 ”size that the Punjab government's technical and legal team could easily reuse, collect and recycle. But she doesn't seem to know this at a recent press conference of honorary ministers of climate change, ”he said.

Polyethylene is a global food and drug approval product. Countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe did not ban plastic bags and regulated them as suggested by the Bag Manufacturers Association.


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