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Scientists Honored the Passage of Okjokull

Scientists honored the passage of Okjokull, the first glacier lost in the Arctic ocean climate on Sunday. Scientists warn that about 400 other Arctic islands faced the same fate. Bronze plaques were revealed at an event marking Okjokull in western Iceland as “Ok glacier” with local researchers and colleagues at Rice University, which started the project.

Letter to the Future

Said Menene Howe, associate professor of anthropology at Rice University, said in July, “This will be the first monument of the glacier lost to climate change around the world. The plaque is engraved with the phrase "Letter to the Future" and is intended to raise awareness of the decline of glaciers and the impact of climate change. For the next 200 years, all glaciers must follow the same path. This monument is intended to admit that you know what is going on and what you need to do. There is only one who knows that we did it.

It is also labeled “415 ppm CO2”, which indicates the level of carbon dioxide recorded in the atmosphere last May. However, monuments everywhere refer to human achievements or to loss and death that we value as much as the actions of historical figures. We emphasize the loss or dying around the world by commemorating the fallen glaciers, and although this is not something we are proud of, we want to pay attention to the fact that humans have 'achieved'. of.

Howe noted that the dialogue on climate change can be abstract with many scary statistics and sophisticated scientific models that are difficult to understand. "Perhaps a better way to fully understand what the lost glacier monument is currently facing," she said. Emphasis on "the power of symbols and rituals that arouses the heart.

According to Howe's Rice University colleague Dominic Boyer, Iceland loses about 11 billion tons of ice every year, and scientists fear that more than 400 glaciers on the island will disappear by 2200. Glaciologists took out Iceland's first glacial status in Okjokull in 2014. According to a 2017 report by the University of Iceland, glaciers amounted to 16 square kilometers in 1890, but only 0.7 square kilometers in 2012.

Iceland “Oddur Sigurdsson, glaciologist of the dic Meteorological Office, said in 2014,“ This is no longer a living glacier, it's just dead ice and a decision that doesn't move. To maintain the state of the glacier, the mass of ice and snow must be thick enough to move with its own weight. For this, the mass must be about 40-50 meters thick, he said.

As the demonstrators announced

Three days of new demonstrations at the city's airport, Washington warned US citizens about the "Strengthening Reinforcement Movement" when traveling to Hong Kong on Thursday. The financial hub was plagued by two months of instability and was initially triggered by opposition to planning laws that allowed delivery to mainland China. The demonstrations have evolved into a more extensive movement for democratic reform that sometimes severely disrupted the city with violent protests.

The State Department on Thursday upgraded its previous advice to a "normal preventive action," warning citizens that it was a "strengthening campaign. The warning pointed out that protests in the city were mostly peaceful, but some led to conflict or violent clashes. The advice added: “This notice may proceed with little or no notice.

U.S. warnings occur after travel warnings for Hong Kong have been reinforced in countries including Australia, the UK, Ireland, Singapore and Japan. The image of a clash between masked demonstrators on the streets of Hong Kong and the gas of police tears made headlines around the world, and on Tuesday, China issued the strictest warning to democracy protesters.

However, the protesters are expected to continue the protest, planning a three-day rally at the city airport starting Friday afternoon. The general strike called by protesters on Monday canceled more than 160 planes and paralyzed the city's transportation.

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's leading airline, did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the planned airport rally. On 26 July, protesters gathered at the airport to protest for demonstrations. I share a message with tourists who arrive at the busy traffic center.

The protest was peaceful and did not disturb the flight. Cathay Pacific, however, warns Wednesday that bookings will shrink as the crisis continues in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's protests reduced inbound passenger traffic in July and are adversely affecting future bookings.


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