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Federal Government & Rail Minister Led by Tehreek e Insaf

Said Gani Sindh's intelligence chief accused the railway minister of refusing to sanction special trains for Pakistani People's Party leaders and executives from Karachi to Rawalpindi on Saturday. We submitted an application to the Railroad Department 10 days ago to arrange a special train for our workers and leaders from Karachi to Rawalpindi here, but despite the initial guarantee of the ministry, they did not arrange one.

Mr. Gani talking to the reporter

The federal government and rail minister led by Tehreek-i-Insaf in Pakistan expressed plural treatment. He said PPP's regional leadership had contacted railroad authorities and booked trains to Rawalpindi from across the country. President Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari PPP announced at a general workers' meeting on December 27 that the main event will be held at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi, 27, where Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a shooting 12 years ago.

The party plans to begin a national agitation for the current federal policy after the bishops of the garrison city attend. Gani said the railway authorities had promised to run special trains from Karachi to Rawalpindi, but when everything was in place, rail officials regretted providing the trains without any justification.

Every time I ask the railway people to confirm their reservation, it is said that I made a reservation in one day every day. We wrote in writing that we would pay for the entire train in advance, but they refused.

Prime Minister Gani

President of the PPP Karachi Division, said thousands of PPP workers are ready to go to Rawalpindi from Karachi. We believe that the railway authorities showed political prejudice by refusing to approve the trains at the order of Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad.

He said Benazir Bhutto is not only a leader for the Sindh people. She dominated the hearts of everyone in Pakistan and influenced the whole world, and the way the railway authorities showed such “prejudice” on the anniversary was very condemning.

Rawalpindi Development Authority

The governing body of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) slightly modified the Lahore Development Authority's (LDA) building and zoning regulations 2019 on Saturday to allow the construction of 10-story buildings in urban areas.

In accordance with the existing rules, up to four floors of buildings were allowed in the city, and the 45th meeting of the RDA / Wasa governing body was held in the chairman with the president of RDA Tariq Mehmood Murtaza.

The meeting was attended by members of newly appointed governing bodies, including Haji Amjad (MPA PP-13), retired Maj Mohammad Latasab Satti (MPA PP-6), MPA Nasreen Tariq, Mohammad Muqarab Ali, technical experts, and Chaudhry Mohammad.

Asghar, technical expert

RDA secretary Jean Ammar Khan, and Wasa Managing Director Mohammad Tanveer. She also informed members about new initiatives such as kitchen gardening and harvesting rainwater. The meeting adopted a slight modification of the LDA building and zoning regulations. The president of the RDA said that a judicatory would be held every month. RDA adopts Lahore Development Authority's Building and Zoning Regulations 2019 with a few modifications.

According to the new building and zoning regulations, up to 450 square feet of shops on the ground floor of ten Mala apartment buildings, two stores of 450 square feet each on one blade apartment building, four shops on two blades Apartment building allowed. Community halls not exceeding 800 feet are not used as commercial facilities and are allowed on two blades and in buildings.

In this regard

It is necessary to reconsider the provision of the store area (commercial), and more than 10% of the total covered area of ​​the apartment building has convenience stores, impulse shops, grocery stores, nurseries, barber shops, laundry, etc.

In addition, even in the approved layout plan, the area of ​​the apartment building should not be smaller than four blades, so the parameters of the apartment building should be taken into account in the basic units of four blade plots for the apartment building.

The chairman of the RDA told citizens that the strengthening of the commercial area needs to be reconsidered from a planning point of view, since there will be more than 200 apartments in 10-story apartments in 10-storey buildings and 10-storey apartments in 10-storey buildings.

Allows reasonable commercial space in apartment buildings that can give monetary benefit to homeowners. We allowed the construction of a ten-storey building under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who asked citizens to build vertical buildings instead of horizontal ones to consume less space and accommodate the maximum number of people.

He said the city will launch its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and that the RDA will select or identify roads, parks or other areas where housing society will spend money to improve. He said RDA will hire a private housing company for the CSR program and all stakeholders will come to the board. He said the initial work was completed.

The government will not spend money on improving the basic infrastructure," he said. We will begin work from Marrir Chowk to Liaquat Bagh, RDA will provide us with the US dollar theme, and private companies will study it. After seeing the success of the program, RDA will expand its plan from Liaquat Bagh to Fiazabad.

Also, because the plan was used for the sale and purchase of plots that were sold illegally, RDA decided not to issue temporary planning permits for housing plans until approved by the authorities. He said the kitchen gardening program would also begin, and civic groups would choose 50 homes in the city center and experts would teach homeowners how to grow plants in their homes.

Attorney General

The Attorney General will be brought to the High Court Judge of Peshawar to prepare a detailed ruling paragraph 66 of the rebellion against the former dictator General Gen Perez Musharraf against the Peshawar High Court judge Waqar Ahmed Seth. Can begin research on the bibliography.

Paragraph 66 states: “We instruct law enforcement agencies to do their best to understand fugitives / cons, and to be punished under the law [Pervez Musharraf], and if his body dies, D- Chowk in front of Pakistan's Parliament House has been hanged for three days. Judge Seth led three special courts that convicted General Musharraf and sentenced him to death.

The Attorney General and the PM are advisors for responsibilities that play an important role in note preparation One spokesman said the Justice Ministry is currently conducting a study on references, adding that Pakistan's Attorney General, who visited Turkey officially, will return on Saturday to comment on preparations.

Sources said that a special assistant of Prime Minister Mirza Shahzad Akbar is overseeing preparation for reference. Akbar, the head of the asset recovery department, submitted a reference to the Supreme Court Justice Jazi Faez Isa. Judge Isa objected to SJC's lawsuit before the Supreme Court, and the bench of the Supreme Court is hearing this issue.

After a detailed ruling on the high treason earlier this week, the government's legal team announced that it had submitted a reference to the Supreme Court Justice (SJC) Seth as well as an appeal against the Supreme Court ruling.

The verdict also stated that the urgent imposition was one-time ago, and that the military's senior class was equally and completely involved in the accused's actions and actions. And why they did not keep and protect the Constitution. The government and the army expressed anger in paragraph 66 and called it illegal, inhuman and unconstitutional.

Saf Strategic Committee

The government decided to move the SJC and file an appeal of the verdict at a meeting of Pakistani Teherrik Ein Saf Strategic Committee, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, by telephone call with Kamar Javed Bajwa, Army Chief of Staff. .

The special court ruling and the decision to oppose the author Waqar Ahmad Seth ruling were revealed at a joint press conference by Attorney General Farogh Naseem, Special Assistant to Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan and Dr. Shahzad Akbar.

Naseem in the press said, “Incompetence is the ground of injustice,” and because Pakistan's Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry had the highest judicial decision at the time, the government had reason to submit a reference to the PHC's best judicial affairs.


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