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Pakistans Muslim League Nawaz on Saturday

Pakistan's Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) On Saturday, former Nawaz Sharif Vice President and daughter of Maryam Nawaz filed a second petition to remove Lahore High Court (LHC) and her name from the Exit Control List (ECL).

Attorney General Ali Bakarnazapi

The petition held a hearing on a two-person bench led by Attorney General Ali Bakarnazapi on Monday, December 23. Maryam first approached the court with this request on December 7, two weeks ago. Subsequently, on December 9, the court withdrew the petition and instructed the federal review board to decide the matter within seven days.

In the proceedings, Maryam's lawyer Azam Nazir Tarar said that the court should change the status of the petition to "pending" and instruct the government to decide on an application for review. But the court said it did not want to increase the pressure on the government by doing so.

In the latest petition filed by her lawyers Muhammad Amjad Pervaiz and Azam Nazeer Tarar, vice president of PML-N, PML-N vice president is once again looking for an overseas travel permit for six weeks from the date of departure.

The respondent government has been kindly instructed to remove the petitioner's name from the departure control list. Meanwhile, while waiting for the petitioner's disposal, the petitioner may authorize the petitioner to travel abroad for six days a week.

The Federal Government

The petition indicated the Federal Government, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and FIA Director, Islamabad Secretariat and Passport, NAB (National Accountability Bureau) Chairman and Director as respondents. This plea calls for a memorandum dated August 20, 2018 to be declared as "without legal authority, without invalid ab-initio and without legal effect on the interests of the law."

We are also seeking awards for "other remedies deemed appropriate for the particular circumstances of the case. On August 20, 2018, the government, along with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, decided to put Mariam's name on the ECL. Mariam currently receives bail free in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case, but she is a suspect.

The name remains on the no-fly list. Nawaz, on the other hand, traveled to London last month after the government and courts allowed him to fly abroad for medical reasons.

National Press Club on Saturday

The sanitation agent, who had not paid for three months, dumped the rubbish on the city roads and held a sit-in outside the National Press Club on Saturday. When Christmas was a few days away, most Christian workers had little hope that they would receive dues on time for their religious holiday. Pervaiz Masih, the hygienist, told us, The prime minister must pay attention to this issue and release the salary to hygienic workers so they can celebrate Christmas.”

Workers appear to have been affected by ongoing disputes between the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI). According to Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz, the garbage collection was stopped because the CDA did not announce 70 million rupees required to pay its employees.

However, a senior executive of the CDA argued that the authorities cleared the dues many times and are now MCI's responsibility. The day before Christmas, most Christian staff have little hope of paying in time. The hygienist caught in this turmoil and the mother of three Maria Masih said they could not survive without paying.

We were living in a rental room in Kayalvan Ayre Sid in Rawalpindi. But because I was not paid, I had to empty my room and move to my mother's house on I-9, ”she said. Unpaid sanitation workers stopped collecting garbage in the G and I sectors other than the I-9 where permanent employees still do so.

There was a concern that such a situation could deteriorate the environment in the region and spread the disease in the city. The CDA official, who did not require a nomination, said the sanitation department was handed over to the MCI, but the company is not paying sanitation workers.

MCI paid dues to a contractor

MCI paid dues to a contractor who collects rubbish from other parts of the city, but has stopped paying dues during the current government term. The mayor wants to honor the PTI government by being close to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. According to the documentation provided us, MCI paid 138 million rupees to the contractor in fiscal year 2018-19.

Garbage was scattered on the F-6 road by protesting to sanitation personnel. MCI has stopped paying contractors several times, with the funding stopped. On Friday we also released Ms30m Rs to MCI to alleviate the problems faced by residents, but MCI did not liquidate the salary of sanitary workers and transferred funds to some large contractors, ”the CDA official said.

He said that MCI should solve the problem in the sanitation department or hand it over to the CDA. MCI has an account of about 2 billion rupees, but this cost is not used to pay sanitary workers' salaries," he said. Miz has an account of 1.25 billion rupees, Mayor Aziz told, but if the rules and regulations are not approved, the funds will not be available.

Payments in the 2018-19 period were made when the market was leading the CDA, which meant that such transactions could be carried out even if they did not address the rules of MCI. The PTI government handed over all favorable and debt-bearing departments with CDA to MCI.

Now PTI realizes that public services can only be guaranteed through the sanitation department, so it is getting in the way, ”said Aziz Mayor. According to one question, he responded that he needed about Rs70m to pay the sanitation worker's dues, since he had not been paid for more than three months.

Smart street light to be installed on I-14

CDA approved Rs17m for installation of 'smart' LED street lights on I-14. According to the statement, these lights will provide better lighting while saving energy. The supply of street lamps in the I-14 was a long-time demand for the locals, but in the past, the development of the area is said to have ignored the provision of basic amenities. The CDA has devised a strategy that takes up a stagnant sector so that development can begin.

In this regard, the CDA Development Working Party has prepared and approved PC-I and PC-II in various stalls. According to the statement, I-14 is one of the areas where residual development work has ceased for many years, but incumbent management has approved PC-II for development activities and completed repairs in the main driveway of the field.

Investigator a report of compliance

On Saturday, an accounting court investigates that it did not submit to the investigator a report of compliance with a suspect nominated for 2.22 billion rupees (Rs) filed against former state intelligence minister Sharjeel Memon. Announced that the cause was notified.

Pakistan's former People's Party Minister Memon, his mother Zeenat Inam Memon, and his wife Sadaf Sharjeel, along with nine others, have been booked as a second reference to the accumulation of assets worth more than 22.7 billion rupees (Rs) beyond the known sources of income.

Administrative judge Farid Anwar Qazi raised this issue on Saturday when NAB IO asked him to submit a compliance report on the execution of a warrant to arrest an absolute suspect, including the former minister's mother and wife. Earlier, Sharjeel Memon and seven other suspects appeared in pre-arrest bail.

The IO informed the suspect that he could not enforce the arrest warrant and would require more time. The judge notified the cause of the show to the IO to explain why the compliance report was not filed with the court and resolved the issue on January 4.

NAB named Memon's personal assistant, Izhar Hussain, employees of the foreign exchange company Mohammad Sohail, Saifullah Lohar, Subhan, Agha Ahsan, Shoukat Ali Thebo, Waseem Akhtar Thebo and Kamran Gul as co-defendants.

Watchdog said

The survey revealed that Sharjeel Memon had accumulated his assets by the new governor of the Synod General Assembly, information and archives, ministers of industry and commerce, local governments and works and services. His name and his family name for the coordination of Rs2,270,930,333 are alleged through the guilty and illegal means of others.

The former minister bought the property on the paper under the name of another suspect, such as Benamida, and later ruled out a lease / lease agreement with such Benami owners to control and maintain possession of such property. The original document on such property was recovered at home and added that the property of his personal assistant, Izhar Hussain, was recovered.

In addition, since 2011

Memon Mr.'s personal assistant, Izhar Hussain, who is now found to be in the judicial court, claimed to have illegally defeated the former minister in acquiring residential and commercial real estate located in the field and in the DHA area. He also mentioned that he worked as a 'frontman' and gathered illegal satisfaction or 'monthly' from other departments.

The Bureau also claimed that Sohail, an employee of a money exchange company, has been involved in laundering billions of rupees worth of rupees in the main suspect Sharjeel Memon through hawala / hundi since 2012.

Watchdog alleged that the accused had fallen into the act of corruption and corruption that could be punished in accordance with Articles 9 and 10 of the NAO 1999 and Article 3 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Along with former information secretaries and others, Memon is already being tried in a reference to 372 billion rupees on corruption charges that won the Sindh Government's awareness campaign on electronic media from 2013 to 2015.


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